The New Cascade® All-In-One with April Shower® Filtration

    The Cascade's Elegant Extra Wide Showerhead offers 8 Great Sprays from light Mist to Pulse Massage

    Feel The Difference in your Skin and Hair by Showering with the Cascade® All-In-One with April Shower® Filtration

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    CAS: $54.95

    APSLC: $39.90
    KDF Replacement Filter 2 pack


    The All-New CASCADE™ Shower Filter with EXTRA WIDE HEAD has 8 great sprays, including a close-up facial mist – perfect for removing make-up, oils, and creams. Now you can step into a purified, hot steamy shower and saturate your pores with a wide full-body spray, stimulate your muscles with a powerful massaging pulse or anything in between. Upscale your morning shower ritual, start your day right…you deserve it!

      Cascade® All-In-One Features
    • Wide showerhead features 8 spray settings and pulse massage
    • Anti-scaling spray nozzles
    • Adjustable full-body spray settings at the touch of a lever
    • Chromed metal parts for maximum durability
    • Swivel ball easily adjusts direction of spray
    • Easily installs in seconds without tools

      Cascade® All-In-One Removal
    • Removes 98.9% chlorine & vapors,
    • Reduces hydrogen sulfide, iron oxides (rust water), odors and traces of heavy metals
    • Reduces scale build-up on tiles and glass
    • pH balances as well as softens the water
    • Patented high-performance filtration media: KDF-55™ (copper-zinc)
    • KDF-55TM media inhibits growth of bacteria, fungus, and mold
    • Replaceable 6-month cartridge


    We invite you to take a healthy step by purchasing one of our shower filters. Treat yourself to the best quality filtered water for years to come.