Magnetize your Water for Faster More Complete Hydration.

    The First Time you Try the AquatomicTM Water Magnets You will Taste and Feel the Difference!

    The Latest Innovation for Cellular Water Absorption.

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            NEW AquatomicTM Water Magnets use State-of-the-Art Technology to Reduce the Surface Tension of Water and all other liquids, Making them "Wetter" and more Usable by Every Cell in Your Body.

            Drinking Magnetized Water can Instantly Hydrate the Body, Releiving Symptoms of Dehydration that may Include Tiredness, Headaches, And Stiff Joints.


      Replaceable, Adjustable Elastic Strap with Four Powerful Rare-Earth Neodymium Magnets Easily fits Many Size Containers:

    • Water Glasses & Bottles, Pitchers
    • Gallon Jugs, Wine & Soda Bottles
    • Juice Cartons, Water & Shower Filters
    • Water Supply Lines For Stronger Faster Growing Plants.


    • Delivers over 17,000 Gauss
    • Optimizes Bio-Availabilty of All Aqueous Products
    • Raises pH Level
    • Oxygenates Cells and Tissues
    • Accelerates Supply of Nutrients
    • Facilitates release of Toxins
    • AQUATOMICTM Water Magnets stay Strong for A Lifetime.

              Surface tension holds water molecules together in clusters. This can be seen when water beads up in droplets on the hood of your car. When washing your car, you use detergent to break that surface tension. Likewise, Aquatomic Magnets de-cluster water molecules and enhance the “Bio-Availability” of your drinking water. This increases the supply of nutrients to cells and tissues, helping the body to release toxins.

              AQUATOMIC Magnets form alkaline particles that naturally detoxify acid compounds in the body and release extra oxygen to cells and tissues. Because of faster hydration, it's perfect for people who don't drink enough water.

              Now you can enjoy the benefits of micro-clustered water that immediately absorbs into your body’s cells and tissues and experience how good accelerated hydration feels!

              The Aquatomic Water Magnets are designed for use everywhere you go. Now you can have micro-clustered water available in your container “ON THE GO”, in restaurants, at the gym, while you’re traveling and away from home. Once the magnets are placed on your container, wait 5 minutes for the effect to take place. It is recommended you keep the magnets on your container at all times. After the Aquatomic Water Magnets are removed from a container the magnetizing effect on the water will last for 12-24 hours.

              Aquatomic Water Magnets affect the bonding angle between the hydrogen and the oxygen atom in the water molecule. This in turn causes the water molecule to become more alkaline and cluster together in groups of 6-7 rather than groupings of 10-12 and higher. The smaller cluster leads to better absorption of water across cell walls.

              "The smaller the groupings, the more bio-available the water is -- the more easily it is able to pass through cell walls, to transport nutrients and remove waste, to facilitate all of the communications systems in your body, and to pass through your body as a whole. The larger the groupings, the more inefficient water is at performing these same functions."


              The Aquatomic Water Magnets are engineered to fit many containers with aqueous content. It has a unique compact configuration that utilizes a specially coated set of four Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) magnets (2 north and 2 south pole) that deliver over 17,000 structure altering Gauss (unit of magnetic intensity) directly into the substance being treated.

              These Super Strength Rare Earth Magnets have the characteristics of extremely excellent de-magnetization resistant capability. The magnets have a long life (1% decay rate per 100 years). However, heating the magnets above 176 degrees F. (80 degrees C.) will accelerate this decay rate.

              The AQUATOMIC Magnets are attached to an replaceable, adjustable elastic strap that easily stretches around existing water filter housings, water bottles, sun tea jars, water pitchers, canteens, water lines, shower heads, garden hoses, wine bottles, juice containers, vitamin bottles, and cosmetic name just a few possibilities.

              Conclusive tests have also been conducted on plants. showing that mung beans grown with magnetized water, both filtered and unfiltered, had a 100% germination rate, grew taller and stronger than those grown with both filtered and unfiltered water but not magnetized. Photo and Test Results