The AquaCube In-Line Ice filter purifies the water to your Refrigerator and Ice-Maker

    The In-Line's Convenient Compact Design allows the Filter to Fit Anywhere

    The AquaCube In-Line Filter Makes using Filtered Water Even Easier

    The AquaCube In-Line Filter Allows You to Enjoy Naturally Filtered Water with Purified Ice Cubes from your Refridgerator at Home

    AQ100: $49.95
    12 Month Carbon Block Filter
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    The AquaCube In-Line Ice Filter is The Perfect Solution to Purifying Ice Cubes and Drinking Water From your Refridgerator. The In-Line Filter uses Natural Filtration Technology to keep your Water Crystal Clear and Free of Chlorine, Heavy Metals, and Harmful Chemicals. The AquaCube In-Line Filter is Designed to bring the Drinking Water Nature Intended to the most convenient Water source in your Home. The Ice Filter also allows you to have the same Great Water on Ice without compromising on Taste. Just as you are concerned about the quality of the Water you Drink, You Should also be concerned about the Ice-Cubes you put in the Water.

    • Heavy-Duty Poly-Propolyne Plastic Housing
    • Compact Design for Fitting Behind Refridgerator
    • Purifies all the Water entering Refrigerator or Ice-Maker
    • Ultrasonic Friction-Welded Seal Guaranteed Not to Leak
    • Quick-Connect Fittings for Easy Installion Into Refridgerators Water Line
    • Risk-Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    • 98.5% Chlorine Reduction
    • 99% Lead and Heavy Metal Reduction
    • 95% VOC Reduction (Volatile Organic Contaminants)
    • 99.99% Cyst Bacteria Removal (Giardia & Cryptosporidium)
    • 99.99% Particulates Removal (Dirt, Sediment & Rust)

    • 1 Micron Activated Compressed Carbon Block
    • No Channelling or Bypassing
    • Meets NSF Standards 42 & 53
    • 12 Month Replaceable Cartridge
    • 600 Gallon Capacity
    • 0.75 Gallons per Minute
    • For Cold and Warm Water Use Only (40O - 100OF)


    We invite you to take a healthy step by purchasing one of our water filters. Treat yourself to the best quality filtered water for years to come.